NYC Dating X Asperger’s

As a girl, I never realized I had Asperger’s syndrome type 1, the highest functioning form of Autism, because I was advanced intellectually. My social quirks were always relegated to being an only child and stubbornness. As a young woman, I used my beauty, ability to dance and alcohol to camouflage my social deficiencies. But without realizing I had Asperger’s, social challenges continued to arise that led me to doubt my perception. Today, I live a charmed life; the life of an artist; the life of a single woman in Manhattan. NYC offers a rich dating environment filled with talented, ambitious people. Apps like Bumble and Tinder offer access to innumerable potential partners, opening doors to dating diversity and life experience. I wanted to juxtapose that richness against the awkwardness of Asperger’s through brief snapshots of the affairs- second person anecdotes that are witty with the ephemerally raunchy, romantic, teasing serendipity of an app tryst. You can find these fiction style stories on the blog page. If you enjoy stories, my podcast Millennial Sex True Stories Podcast, features true, first-person, anecdotal storytelling from different guests each episode. You can find that on Spotify, iTunes or bettebabes.com

Thanks and enjoy!

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