Love on the Spectrum

Most dating shows are too scripted and fake with contestants that are like glitzy Vegas trinkets, always with the same shape, color and attitude, but not Netflix’s new romance reality series, LOVE ON THE SPECTRUM. One of my favorite new shows,Love on the Spectrum is a dating and romance reality series featuring Australians with Autism who are looking for love and a few who already found it. What’s great about Love on the Spectrum is who unique is character is. Similarly to how kids can’t easily hide their true feelings, people with Autism tend to be quite direct. So the real emotions of the characters are captured without the usual pretense. Love on the Spectrum is interesting because it refreshes us with new socio-cultural understandings. There are sweet moments, but also sad ones. The couples who got engaged seemed truly perfect for each other but they appeared to have Asperger’s, rather than lower functioning forms of Autism. Cholè seemed super sweet and she’s so open, I’m sure she will fall is love with someone soon.

One character who intrigued me was Olivia because she was so angry that her voice was rigid and she often made self-abasing comments that reflected a negative perception. Olivia also had a lot of movement issues. Her anxiety kept her from remaining still. So Olivia strikes me as someone very smart who’s functionality is impaired by her anxiety, which is heavily perpetuated by her critical view. I do wish for Olivia that she is able to calm her anxiety and not put herself down or focus on the dark side in her everyday thinking. If she can find ways to look at the world in a beautiful way, despite everything that’s happened, she will vanquish the anxieties harnessed her to autistic neurological processing. Easier said that done, but Olivia is not only smart, but gorgeous so hopefully she gets the lovin’ and oxytocin we all want soon.

Watch the trailer for Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum at the link.

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