Famous People with Asperger’s

About one in 165 people have Asperger’s and they tend to be interesting people. Just take a look at this short list of famous people with Asperger’s and you will recognize some of history’s greatest minds!

Scientists & Inventors: Issac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Marie Curie, Alfred Kinsey, Benjamin Banneker, Barbara McClintock, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin

Writers & Directors: Tim Burton, Stanley Kubrick, Lewis Carroll, Emily Dickenson, James Joyce, Hans Christen Andersen

Artists & Composers: Mozart, Michelangelo, Andy Warhol

Entertainers: Jerry Seinfeld, Daryl Hannah, Dan Aykroyd, Anthony Hopkins

Chess Grandmasters: Bobby Fischer

See more at the link!


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