Millennial Sex True Stories Podcast

As a researcher and storyteller, I’m obsessed with personal historical artifacts in first person story form. I remember the year 2000, I was at Costo with my mom and there was a book titled, GIG: Americans talk about their jobs at the turn of the Millennium. Each page was a different person, describing their careers and how they do their everyday work. The diversity in dialect, vocabulary, tone, attitude and work itself fascinated me. It was like a keen voyeuristic window into the authentic personal atmosphere of every archetype in America. It was understanding, through their real voices, what it was to walk in their shoes. I knew I could use their personalities and experiences to create interesting, authentic characters for the rest of my storytelling life.

And so Millennial Sex True Stories Podcast, was born of a similar need- the need to understand human sexuality from a real, authentic, storytelling perspective that let me vicariously engage in someone else’s experience.

In the three years since Millennial Sex rue Stories Podcast began, nearly 100 guests have shared their most ironic and entertaining experiences related to sex. Find us on Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, or just google Millennial Sex True Stories Podcast. To share a story on Millennial Sex Podcast, message

Listen here!

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